How to create a Gate token

Step-by-step on how to create a Gate token via DFAME

Creating your token

Instruction Video:

Demo video on how to create a Gate token


Go to and on top of the webpage, click on the button "No Token Yet? Create a Token Now!" or on the top right navigation, click on Create -> Create a Token.

You will be redirected to a new page. You are required to login into Twitter to create a token. If you have not logged into Twitter yet, click on the Login button to log in.

Enter in a token name.

The token name is the name reference that you and our internal team will use to communicate about your token. Most of your fans will most likely refer to your token via your token symbol, as

Enter in a token symbol.

The token symbol is (usually) a non-case sensitive, 5-letter or less reference to your token, preceded by a $. It includes only Latin letters and no numbers or special characters.

Enter in an email for status updates.

Check the Terms and Conditions.

Press the Please Enter Token Details button.

You will create your token automatically. Anyone can create a token for themselves.