Frequently Asked Questions

How many different platform tokens can I create?

You can currently create up to three platform tokens at no cost on our platform. If you would like to create more than three platform tokens, please contact us via email at [email protected] or via Discord at discord.gg/XqZNxQ6 and we can help out.

What can I do with my platform tokens?

You can use platform tokens as a way to better engage your audience. You can "airdrop" or send them directly to top fans of your choice.

In addition. currently, through our TPP platform, creators can set up a "token gate" or wall that requires fans to hold (not pay) at least a certain amount of tokens to access exclusive content hosted on any content platform. You can set up the token gate via our TPP platform here.

We plan to develop more features in the future to enable creators to create an entire ecosystem behind their tokens. You can send us or vote for feature requests here or via Discord.

Are platform tokens ERC-20 tokens?

No, platform tokens themselves as off-chain and are not minted on any blockchain. They are meant to allow creators to experiment with various tokenomics ideas before minting a social token on the blockchain.

Once a creator is ready, they can request us to mint their platform tokens on any Layer 2 solution or base protocol. To request to convert platform tokens to on-chain tokens, please review this doc here.