Widget Component Library (React)

List of Widgets

We offer a widget component library that allows anyone to integrate our forms directly into any React application.

Once the widget is added to your React site, your users can create a token gated link directly from your site without visiting the MintGate site. This does not token gate your site directly, it simply allows you to add MintGate's form into your site. We also offer widgets to display token gated links in your application.

Current Widgets Offered

  1. Token gating form (form to set up a token gate on a link)

How to Add the Widget to Your React Site

  1. Your site must be a React site. (We plan to offer widgets for any tech stack.)

  2. Log into the MintGate Site: https://www.mintgate.io/login

  3. Go to https://www.mintgate.io/token_api or https://www.mintgate.io/developer and click on the Get Token Keys button.

    1. You will need to copy your Widget Token.

  4. Go to our widget component library on NPM. And Follow the Instructions.