How to Set up QR Code Event Pass

Generate an event link that will show an individually-generated QR Code if the user has a QR code


Go to or go to and select Token Gated Link

Choose Event Link.

You will be directed to a form that required you to enter the details of the event.

Event Title. The event title will be listed on the QR code that the user will receive if they have the token specified.

Tokens Required to Attend Event. Provide the information of the NFT or social token that you require the attendee to hold in order to attend the event.

As an example below, we are setting up an event link for Jennifer's Birthday that requires an attendee to hold one NFT with the contract address 0x2aea4add166ebf38b63d09a75de1a7b94aa24163 and token ID 10373:

Add Token - You can add additional tokens that the attendee can also own to attend. Please note that the attendee can own either Token 1, Token 2, etc., not all tokens listed.

Click on Create an Event Link.

Now you have created an event link. Share this event link with any event attendees.

Attendee User Experience

Upon clicking on this event link, the attendee will need to connect their wallet to confirm that they have the token(s).

If they have the tokens, they will be shown the QR ticket. This QR code changes every couple of seconds so users will not be able to take a screenshot of it and share it with other fans who might not have the tokens.

Example of a QR ticket.

If the user does not have the tokens, then they will see a Not Enough Tokens Error page with the number of tokens and the token name required similar to this:

As an event organizer, when the attendee is showing you the ticket on their device, click on the "Click to Validate" link, and then a confirmation page will reconfirm the token that they have and their wallet address.


QR Confirmation Page