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Create a QR Code Event Ticket
Token gated event ticket
You can create token gated event tickets using an existing NFT or social token minted any time, on any platform. An end-user would click on the link and if they have the token, they will receive a QR Code for you to scan.

How to Set Up

Step 1: Event Title
    Event Title
      The event title will be listed on the QR code that the user will receive if they have the token specified.
Step 2: Add the token parameters
You will need to input the information of the NFT or token that you would like to lock or gate the web content with.
If you need help finding this information, you can view this guide here or ping us on Discord or email [email protected] with the link to the NFT on your favorite marketplace.
If you need help finding this information, you can view this guide here or email [email protected] with the link to the NFT on your favorite marketplace.
    Select Blockchain
      The blockchain that the token was minted on (ex. Ethereum, xDai, Matic)
    Token Type
      What kind of token - We allow users to gate using social tokens and cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Moloch Shares.
      Most coins or cryptocurrencies are ERC-20s.
      Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are either ERC-721 or ERC-1155s. Most NFTs now are ERC-1155s.
        You can double-check by:
          Go to Etherscan and search the contract address. Click on a transaction hash and see if it lists the token type.
          If Etherscan has no information on the token type, you could create a link as ERC-1155 and a link as ERC-721 selected. Test out both links.
            If you receive an odd blockchain error, then the token type that you selected is not a valid token type.
            If you receive access or to a simple MintGate Not Enough page, then the token type that you selected is the valid token type.
          You can also reach out to us at [email protected] and we will check for you.
    Contract Address
      The 40 letter-digit characters long identifier of the contract that minted the token.
      Think of the contract address as the identifier for an entire collection.
      The number of this specific token that you want the end-user to own. For example, if you input 1, then you will require the user to own one of the token at contract address, token ID (if applicable).
    For ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs only:
      Token ID
        The individual number identifier of the NFTs
        Each specific NFT has a specific number attached to it.
        Think of the token ID as the identifier for a specific NFT in a collection.
Creating an Event Ticket that requires an ERC-721 token
You then will be returned a new event link.

Attendee User Experience

Upon clicking on this event link, the attendee will need to connect their wallet to confirm that they have the token(s).
If they have the tokens, they will be shown the QR ticket. This QR code changes every couple of seconds so users will not be able to take a screenshot of it and share it with other fans who might not have the tokens.
Example of a QR ticket.
If the user does not have the tokens, then they will see a Not Enough Tokens Error page with the number of tokens and the token name required similar to this:
As an event organizer, when the attendee is showing you the ticket on their device, click on the "Click to Validate" link, and then a confirmation page will reconfirm the token that they have and their wallet address.
QR Confirmation Page
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