Gate via ERC-20 Tokens

Generate a link via ERC-20 Tokens

Gate via ERC-20 Tokens

  1. Generate a private link to any content on any platform. To reference the platforms that we provide full URL masking on, please view our List of Supported Platforms. Alternatively, you can token or NFT a public link to any content but you risk your fans being able to discover the content on your public profile of the platform.

  2. Copy the private link.

  3. Go to You do not need to connect your wallet in order to create a link gated by ERC-20 tokens.

  4. In the right-hand box, enter the following information below: a. Paste here a link to protect: Add the private link that you would like to token or NFT gate b. Select Token Type: ERC-20 tokens c. Select token and minimum amount: Under the Token name/addr input: Use the dropdown to select (dropdown only shows tokens currently on Uniswap) or manually add the contract address. Under 1 token input: Add a minimum amount of tokens in the specified contract that you want the end user to hold. d. Email for status updates: Your email address

  5. You will be redirected to a screen with the token gated link. You can now share the link anywhere.

Example of inputs to generate link gated by ERC-20 token