Welcome to MintGate

Unlock the best experiences through NFTs powered by MintGate.

What is MintGate

MintGate is a no-code solution for anyone to build their community on their own platform.

  • Create your website and launch your memberships to crowdfund campaigns

  • Advanced support for Membership, Events, Tickets, Rewards, Streaming and Unlockable perks

  • Full customization with your own personal domain, branding, and logos

What is unlockable content?

Unlockable content is content that can only be accessed by ownership authentication of an access pass. We use the Polygon blockchain to verify the ownership of an NFT access pass. The content accessed can be video, audio, ebook, livestream or event tickets.

What if I already have an existing token?

We no longer support gating links to content with external tokens. You must create an NFT on MintGate to add unlockable content to it. The content you add will only be unlocked to those that have purchased your NFT.

What if I do not have a token?

You can create a new NFTs with or without unlockable content directly on our platform.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord at discord.gg/HVsbWZfrFQ or email us at support@mintgate.io

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