Video SDK

Integrate token gated video directly into your custom site!

Our video SDK enables token gated video directly on a custom Javascript site.

Use Case Example

You, as a creator, have a personal website and want to embed videos that you want a user to own an NFT to watch.

How It Works

  • Upload the videos that you want to token gate as unlisted Youtube videos.

  • Create token gated links for each video on MintGate to obtain the MintGate ID.

    • The MintGate ID is the last series of characters after go/ in the link. \

    • For example, if you created a MintGate link, the MintGate ID for the link is LkI0yVFuIW5n

  • Download the NPM package into the Javascript site.

yarn add @mintgate/mintgate-js


npm install @mintgate/mintgate-js
  • Add this code to the webpage

const linkID = 'whateveryourmintgatelinkIDforthevideois'; 

function App() {
  const ref = useRef();
  useEffect(()=> {
    if(!ref) return;

    mintgate.embedVideo(linkID, ref.current)
  }, [ref]);

  return (
    <div ref={ref}></div>

NPM Package:

If you have questions or need support, message us on Discord at or email us at

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