Direct Integrations

Integrate or add token gating directly into your website

If you are looking for a no-code token gating solution, check out how you can get started here.

If you are looking for direct integration, we currently offer a downloadable SDK that can token gate videos directly on a website.

We are working on seamless integrations and plugins for other platforms. Reach out to us on Discord at or email us at to request an integration.

Why a Direct Integration?

Individual creators and projects seek direct token gating integration instead of our no-code solution:

  1. They want the original weblink to be gated upon visit

  2. They want more control of what is gated within the site

  3. They want stronger token gating security

We also offer developers:

  • Data REST APIs on tokens, creators and communities, and token gated links created on MintGate

  • Form Widget and APIs to create MintGate token gated links without visiting the MintGate site

  • Token Gated links with unique features (such as one-time access for a wallet that owns the NFT).

If you are looking for developer support or need help with planning out your next project, reach out to us on Discord at or email us at

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