Create a White label Storefront

How to set up a white label Storefront

What is a White Label?

A white label allows you to set up your own custom branded NFT storefront with uploaded unlockable content. Think of it as your own Netflix in a box but with your own branding.

Current Features

  • Zero gas fees on Polygon

  • Credit card support for NFT purchases

  • Theme editor with 20+ themes, 1000+ colors, and add your own branding

  • Upload limitless video, audio, pdf, or images

  • Create QR code tickets for live events

  • Your own personal NFT smart contract

  • Earnings for your biggest supporters paid out weekly that you set

  • Purchase crypto directly in-app

  • USDC support

Upcoming Features

  • Fiat payouts to your bank account

  • Collaboration to allow approved fan art & community uploads

  • Buyable Avatar badges for tiered access and exclusive future releases

  • TV / VR / AR support for unlockable content in the metaverse

Getting Started

Step 1: Log In

  • Log in using your Email or Crypto Wallet

  • Email log in will send a verification email for you to confirm in your inbox

  • Wallet log in will prompt you to sign in your wallet

Step 2: Update your Account Settings

You'll land on your account settings page where you can add your username, brand name, a description for your project, logo and banner, and email used for platform updates, if you subscribe, and emergency notices related to your white label.

  • After you click save you can start creating access passes for your unlockable content

  • You can also click the items in the Get Started Guide you'll see upon login to go to each step

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