Customizing Your Storefront

Your creator storefront profile

Your creator storefront is your one-stop location to showcase all of the MintGate NFTs that you have created and collected.

How to Navigate

You can navigate to your storefront by going to the top right dropdown and click on Your Storefront or going to

How to Customize

You can customize your Storefront via the Settings Page. You can navigate to the Settings page by clicking on the Settings Icon in the right corner of your Storefront, clicking on the top right dropdown and choosing Settings, or going to

You can currently customize:

  1. User Photo

  2. User Banner

  3. User Name

  4. Description

  5. Email (currently not visible to the public)

  6. Theme Colors

  7. Remove MintGate branding (on links and certain pages - for paid users only)

If you need more customizations, reach out to us on Discord or email us at

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