Promoter Payouts

Empower your fans to grow your project by setting up referral rewards with affiliate links.

Set Up

  • Go back to your settings page and scroll down to the Promoter Payouts section. Alternatively, you can use the link in the Community Referral Rewards banner to get there.

  • The amount you enter will be the percentage taken out of your sales each week to reward the top three promoters of your project for that week

You'll get a confirmation prompt and the page will reload. That's it!

Now anyone can use your project's referral link to share it and earn a percentage of the sales for that week if they are among your top three promoters. Top promoters will receive their percentage every Friday at 8am PST.

Go to your white label's storefront and scroll down to see the newly generated Referral Banner where anyone can now generate a referral link to share.

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