Link Creation Widget or API

Add the form to create MintGate token gated links onto your website

Our Link Creation Widget or Create API enables projects and marketplaces to allow their users to create MintGate token gated links, directly on their platform.

Use Case Example

An NFT marketplace wants to help its creators create more utility for their NFTs. They add the form to create MintGate token gated links to creator dashboards so creators can create token gated links with their NFTs directly on the platform without visiting MintGate.

Widget vs. API

We offer the form in a downloadable React widget library or a Create Link API. You utilize either depending on your customization needs and tech stack.


Link to NPM package of Widget and documentation:

Value to widget integration

  • Less development work since only widget download required

  • However, must utilize the style and brand that MintGate offers in the widget and is only available for React Javascript

How It Works

  1. Create or log in to your MintGate account at

  2. You can access developer Widget keys here or at

  3. Pass the value of your Widget key as a key to the jwttoken parameter.

Example of Token Gated Form:

Create API

Link to Create API doc:

Value to Create API

  • Allow for custom created form

  • Use any tech stack that allows for POST API integration

  • However, more development work since the developer must create and style a form

If you have questions or need support, message us on Discord at or email us at

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