One-Time Link Access

Wallets who own the token can access the link only once

With custom development, you can limit access to a token gated link to once per wallet address.

Use Case Example

An NFT project gates a physical item redeem page on their website using an NFT in their collection and needs to prevent a wallet from continuously accessing the redeem page to redeem the physical item multiple times.

How It Works

API Keys

  1. Create or log in to your MintGate account at

  2. You can access developer Widget keys here or at

The original token gated web content is a site that you must have control of. You must implement both the Has Access and Burn Link Access APIs to lock access to a link to once per wallet address.

Link to API documentation:

  • You create a MintGate token gated link with a site page that you have control over.

  • Once a user accesses the token gated link to your site page, it will pass a mgsession parameter which is the identifier for that access instance.

    • You must pass the mgsession parameter to the endpoint.

  • The endpoint will return a json { locked: true | false }

    • locked: true - The wallet address has accessed the link at least once

    • locked: false - The wallet address is accessing the link for the first time

Limit Access to One Per Wallet

Link to API documentation:

  • To prevent the wallet from access again, you must integrate this endpoint in lieu of the Has Access API.

  • You must pass the mgsession parameter that is passed to the page when the user visits and your API key.

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