Create a Project on MintGate

Unlimited unlockable content on every new project

All MintGate Projects:

  • Include unlimited unlockable content only accessible to paid supporters

    • Add more content for existing supporters or create a new project with separate content

  • Support for JPEG, PNG, GIF, mp4, and video content

  • Accept credit card or crypto payments methods

  • Have automatic referrals reward incentives for promoters to earn a percentage of sales

  • [Coming Soon!] Collab features to allow approved fan content uploads

  • [Coming Soon!] Enhanced community engagement enabling supporter comments on projects, ratings & recommendations, and email campaigns

Set Up

Step 1

  • Create a Project! Either click the "New Project" button in the top navigation or "Create Project" in the Get Started Guide

  • Add a title, description, cover image, and price to access the content for this project

    • Note: You will be able to add a larger description with rich text and visual assets on the next page. The description here is just a brief, shareable summary of the project.

    • Note: Price must be set at a $5 minimum for credit card support to be active

  • After a minute to complete project creation, you'll be sent to the project's homepage where you can see the price to access the content you add, and where you can scroll down and add as much content as you'd like.

    • As the creator, you'll also automatically receive one access pass to all content under this project upon creation. You can also update the price at any time.

Step 2

  • The Add Description button will allow you to create a story around your project and your goals in its launch. You can include images, embeddable links, and all forms of text editing you'd expect from traditional product pages.

  • The Add Content button will open up the content upload widget:

  • Here you can add the name of your video, audio, ticket, PDF, etc. You can also add an optional description and cover image for it. Only supporters who bought the access pass will be able to view your content.

That's it! Add as much or as little content as you want! Share a link to this page for others to buy access to whatever you create. You can also set up Promoter Payouts to reward others for promoting your project with a percentage of the sale. (See Promoter Payouts section for details)

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