How to Create an NFT with Unlockable Content


Go to or go to and select NFT Access Pass

If you are not logged in, please sign in with either your Twitter account or your crypto wallet.

Once you are logged in, you can now create an NFT.

Step 1: Add NFT Details

  • Upload a JPEG, PNG, or GIF of the NFT

  • Enter a token name

  • Enter the total number of editions available

    • Number of copies of the NFT

  • Enter a short description

Then click on the Create NFT button.

Step One Example - Uploaded a photo of a wallpaper
Example of Step 1 - Token Name as "The Original MintGate Wallpaper," Number of editions: 1 (1 copy), Description: "The Original MintGate wallpaper with our logo"

Step 2: Place on Sale

  • First, connect your wallet

    • Make sure that your wallet is on Ethereum mainnet

Sell your NFT page before connect wallet

Once you have connected your wallet:

  • Set the sale price (same for each copy if you set editions) in ETH (do not need to put ETH at the end)

  • Set the royalty amount for resales

    • Percentage of royalties that you, as a creator, will earn for each resale of each NFT

Example of Step Two - with sale price of each NFT at 0.1 ETH and creator earns 20 percent of all resales

Click on Sell NFT. In your digital wallet, you will need to sign twice.

Example of Metamask requesting user to sign the first time
Example of Metamask requesting user to sign the second time

Step 3: Add a Link

You will add a web link that requires ownership of these NFTs to access. We will hide the URL of the weblink with a token gated MintGate link in the metadata.

  • Add in a weblink

  • Add in a title for the weblink

Example of adding a Youtube link as unlockable content

Your NFT has now been created!