MintGate Docs
Sell and Buy an NFT
Collect and earn NFTs on MintGate
Creators and collectors can sell MintGate NFTs that they created or own directly on the MintGate platform.
NFTs minted on MintGate are also listed on Rarible: or under your own contract.


Upon creation of the NFT, creators can place the NFT for sale by setting a price and the number of copies available.


Collectors can buy MintGate NFTs that are available for purchase, and sell MintGate NFTs that they own.


An NFT is available for sale if its card shows a price. To purchase the lowest-priced copy of the NFT:
  • Click on the NFT or go to its NFT profile.
  • Click on Buy NFT.
    • You can buy it directly with your credit card
    • You can buy it with MATIC
    • You can top up your wallet with more MATIC
  • Go through the prompts in your wallet.
On the NFT page, there's more information about how to buy the NFT.
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