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Create a Whitelabel NFT Storefront
How to set up a whitelabel NFT Storefront

What is a whitelabel?

A white label allows you to set up your own branded NFT storefront with natively uploaded unlockable content. Think of it as having your own copy of but completely with your own brand.

Current Features

  • Zero gas fee minting on Polygon
  • NFTs listed on MintGate and external marketplaces (Rarible, OpenSea)
  • Anyone can mint, or selected users. You can add collaborators to your own storefront
  • 20+ themes and colors. Add your own brand style
  • Purchase NFTs via credit card
  • Your own dedicated NFT smart contract

Upcoming Features

  • Custom themes, colors, and typography

What You Need

A domain that you own and dedicate to the white label site.
Make sure that no existing content points to the domain. Be aware that if you currently point any content to the domain, that it will no longer show.
For example, if you set up to your Squarespace site and then also set it up with MintGate, you can no longer access your Squarespace site using

What You Need to Do

Step 1: Your Domain Provider

  1. 1.
    Go to your domain provider.
  2. 2.
    Choose the domain that you want to point your whitelabel to.
  3. 3.
    Add a CName record to your domain DNS that points to
Here is a video example of setting up a CNAME record:
Example of how to Add a CNAME Record to Your Domain (via GoDaddy)
Here are links to tutorials on how to add a CNAME record via the most popular domain providers:
Step 2: On MintGate
1. Go to Your MintGate Admin Dashboard by going to or while on the MintGate site, click on the Hamburger icon in the right-hand corner, click on Dashboard
2. Click on the Platform Settings tab.
3. Add the following information:
Page Name
  • Name of the white label. This name is the original brand name of the white label and is listed on the navigation bar and across multiple pages.
Your Domain
  • The domain that you want to point the whitelabel to and that you updated as part of Step 1.
If your domain is not a subdomain (ex., make sure that you add www. in front of your domain (ex.
If your domain is a subdomain (ex., you can input the domain as is (ex.
Once you have updated these settings with your domain provider, it may take up to 30 minutes for MintGate to properly point to that domain.
You provide FREE subdomains under You can put your as in the following example
Site Creator Permissions
  • This states who is allowed to mint NFTs on your whitelabel.
    • Collaboration
      • Only you and your collaborators can log into the white label and mint NFTs
    • Limit to members
      • Only you can create but NFT holders can add unlockable content.
    • Private
      • Only you as the admin can create.
Custom Store Contract
Go to Your MintGate Admin Dashboard by going to and then click on Custom Store Contract.
Add a name for you collection and deploy the contract.