Gate via ERC-721 NFTs

Generate a link via ERC-721 NFTs

You can gate a link with the number of all NFTs or the number of specific NFT in a contract address.

Gate via ERC-721 NFTs

  1. Generate a private link on any of the following platforms. You can also use a public link instead but users can easily find the content non-token gated directly on that platform.

  2. Copy the private link.

  3. Go to‚Äč

  4. Enter the following information: a. Paste here a link to protect: Add a private link that you would like to protect b. Select Token Type: NFT ERC-721 Collectibles c. Select token and minimum amount: Under the Token name/addr input: Add the ERC-721 contract address Under 1 token input: Add a minimum amount of NFTs that you want to Under 721 Token ID: If you want to gate by specific NFT in the contract, put the token ID. If you want to gate by all NFTs within the contract, leave this field blank.

    d. Email for status updates: Your email address

  5. You will be redirected to a screen with the token gated link.

Example of inputs to generate a link gated by ERC-721 by specific NFT